Deserts, Mountains or Beaches! Relaxing Oman holidays, full activities and sightseeing with our top tourism Oman travel and Vacations Even if you are interested to experience it all within few days. Let us do the planning for you and travel with peace of mind. You will get a comprehensive travel plan of sites to visit, activities to do, routs to take integrated with GPS coordinates and tips of where to eat and much more. Enjoy inclusive holiday excursions in Oman with comprehensive flexible vacation trips. Expedition best attractions with Oman Holiday Trips. Food, activities, routes, GPS, sites etc.

Avoid worries

Searching for where to go & what to do.

Save time

with our sightseeing plan and itineraries organization.


We will do all the important reservation and activities booking

Comprehensive Information

Plus if you hired a car from us a free GPS system with all the locations saved will be given upon arrival.

Wide Range of Partners

Hotels, tourism companies, restaurants etc, are willing to give exclusive prices and offers for our guests.

Our guests will be provided with a guide manual: Oman Holidays At Its Best

Oman Tour Packages Holiday Packages Oman

Where to be

(list of sites to visit based on the guests interest)

When to be there

(Taking into consideration the site timing, the temperature, the view and avoiding tourists crowds)

What rout you will take to get there

(Addresses and GPS coordinates & expected time of the journey)

Why this site

(a brief introduction and some stunning information’s about the site you won’t 􀃶nd in tourists guide books).

How long

(recommended time frame to spend at each site)

Tips and advices

(what to take with you and what to watch out for)

Around the clock support for you and if you are interested stay at our partners of hotels and let us book for your activities (i.e diving, canyoning etc,,) all arrangements will be made by us for exclusive prices.