8 Hours
Muscat, Wadi Shab

A full day tour starting from Muscat to two of the most famous natural attractions in Oman. Bimmah Sinkhole and Wadi Shab are two of the hotspots which happen to be must visits even if it’s a short trip or a stopover in Muscat.

Start the day by heading straight to Wadi Dayqah Dam. It’s the biggest dam in Oman, with a stunning spectacle of the manmade magnificence blending of natural Omani backdrop.

From there you will be taken to Bimmah Sinkhole. On the way enjoy the beautiful highway that runs besides the turquoise coloured beaches. It’s a miracle of mother nature to see how a lake with turquoise coloured water was formed 600 meters away from the sea. The history of the lake is equally interesting with most believe that it was created due to a meteor falling in that area.

Be aware of the excitement that the sinkhole might draw out of you. But don’t exhaust yourself and spend all your energy just yet. That is because there is another beautiful place to explore, the Wadi Shab. It is a natural valley of sweet water amongst the myriad of dry mountains. It is a miracle of nature and one must witness it to relive this beauty that has been created.

This is one of the only tours that involves a mix of sightseeing and activities, so bring your swimming gears and let’s get going!


Tour Inclusions 
Transportation Lunch Complimentary drinks Short boat ride at Wadi Shab

Bimmah Sinkhole


Wadi Shab


Wadi Dayqah Dam or Wadi Tiwi

(if time permit)
bimmah sinkhole
wadi dayqah dam
wadi shab oasis
wadi shab
wadi dayqah panorama

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 3 reviews

Firstly, huge thank you (shukraan) to the team at sighstours in Muscat. My guide Mohammad (s) delivered a day I can’t stop raving about. The day was leisurely, relaxed, adventurous, and culturally interesting too. As a sole traveller i was looked after very well and will have many treasured memories that i will never forget…which only leaves me with one last comment, the sites you will see are visually stunning (unlike anything i’ve ever seen on any of my worldly travels) and coupled with interesting nuggets of information, i can highly recommend.


The tour was excellent! Throughout the day, I was amazed by beautiful and mystic nature of Oman. Only regret was that I was not courageous enough to swim and get to the waterfall in Wadi Shab. I also want to stress that my guide Mustafa was so knowledgeable, caring, considerate, and helped me further enjoy the tour. It’s been a while to discover the country I want to go back to again in the near future. I will also introduce Sights Tour to my friends who are thinking of visiting Oman. Thank you very much for everything you did.


We made a last minute booking with Sights Tours for a tour of Bimmah Sinkhole and Wadi Tiwi on our last day in Oman.

Mr Loay was our English speaking tour guide and went the extra mile to ensure we had covered off all the places that were worth visiting on and around our route to the specific places we wanted to visit. We had a great last day seeing parts of Wadi Shab, Wadi Arbaeen and Wadi Tiwi. Mr Loay also took us to parts of Muscat we have overlooked. He provided us with contextual and historical background of each of the places we visited which enriched our understanding and experience of Oman’s heritage and culture.

We recommend Sights Tours for anyone looking for to explore parts of Oman. We look forward to using Sights Tours again for our next trip to guide us on our hikes through the wadis.

Thank you again to the Sights Tours team for the excellent service.

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